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MBLEx Study Guide

MBLEx Study Guide by Daphna Moore

by Daphna Moore

The Massage MBLEx State Exams & Other MT Certifications Study Guide covers: Theory, anatomy, kinesiology, ethics, business practices, pathology, physiology, professional standards, client assessment, boundaries, contraindications, medications, vitamins, herbs, sample intake form, muscle origins and insertions, common pathologies and much more in helping you study for exams including State Exams, National Exams, MBLEx, and all types of massage therapy exams.

My purpose in publishing this book is to help students prepare for any exam in school, final exams, or for any Massage Certification, i.e. school exams, state board exams, MBLEx and National exams.The questions in this book are not broken down into categories.Over the years I have found that students retain the answers if there are not too many choices to choose from.


The Rabbi's Tarot

Rabbi's Tarot by Daphna Moore

by Daphna Moore

The Rabbi's Tarot is not a book about divination, but a practical tool for enlightenment that explores the symbolism in the Tarot. By understanding the physical and non-physical universe and the psychological and psychic make-up of those within it, we can be transformed and make our dreams come true. The Rabbi's Tarot is a fascinating Tarot study.

"One of the most intense studies of the Major Arcana ever published. This book will lead you to profound levels of self-development and spirituality." ~ Llewellyn Publications

"Absolutely Brilliant!! ...from the wonderment of its very first paragraph through to its final revelation, THE RABBI'S TAROT intoxicates and excites The Soul with The Wisdom and Light of previously unknown Cosmic Archetypes and Metaphysical Truths. The Divine Concepts Daphna reveals rise like towering beacons of Light and Truth that will totally inspire and illuminate the landscapes of your mind. She unveils hidden secrets that finally offer the true seeker a validated path to personal enlightenment through total cellular recreation of the body physical." ~Joe Ivory, Numerologist, Tarot Columnist, Conscious Life Tarot Series

Read more about The Rabbi's Tarot

North South North

North South North

by Godfrey Traub

The fates of Ezra, Tilla and Sarah could never be ascertained, but based on eye-witness accounts of atrocities committed against Jews in similar villages throughout Lithuania, they were almost certainly murdered by Lithuanian Nazis.The pogrom and forced exile described in this work are true events, as told to the author by his late father.

Lithuanian Jews suffered heavily during the Russian occupation of Lithuania, but their suffering during that period almost pales into insignificance when compared to what happened to them after the Germans occupied the country.

The atrocities against Jews during the Nazi occupation are recounted without embellishment.



Somewhere Else Now

by David Lee Nutter

Memory is a selection of images
some elusive, some printed indelibly on the brain.
Each image is like a thread
each thread woven together to make a tapestry of intricate texture
the tapestry tells a story
The story is our past...

Featured Title:

The Shoe Cobbler Who Mended Souls

Shoe Cobbler by Collett

by Michael Paul Collett

"The Shoe Cobbler Who Mended Souls" is the story of a shoe cobbler who embraces the uncertainties of life and questions why people from many lands come to his shop seeking his advice while he continues to struggle with his own trials.

To the romantic and truth seekers, the story will bring a smile as well as a tear. For what is possible is not to be believed but to be experienced and realized. This is the true magic of love's gift.

Michael Paul Collett is a writer and a cobbler. He lives in Colorado. The Shoe Cobbler Who Mended Souls is his first book. It is sure to become an international bestseller.


Read the press release.

The Certified Nurse Assistant's Exam Book

Certified Nurse Assistants State Board Exam

by Daphna Moore
NA,LMT,AMTA Instructor

This book provides the student with the tools they need in order to become a long-term care-giver/nurse assistant, whether they are working in a long-term care facility or in a private residence.

You will gain a thorough understanding of all equipment and supplies used in facilities and how to make a bed with the resident in the bed. This book covers every aspect of providing long-term care.

Find out more information on The Certified Nurse's Exam Book

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